Thursday, January 2, 2014

The "Motivic invariants and categorification" EPSRC Programme Grant research group at Oxford held a workshop on Monday 7 October - Wednesday 9 October. Talks were given by Emily CliffDennis BorisovOren Ben-Bassat, Dario Beraldo,  Robert Laugwitz, Vittoria Bussi, Kobi Kremnizer, Balazs Szendroi, Dominic Joyce and Yan Ting Lam. Dominic gave an overview of his research program and his slides are available at this link.

Here are the titles of the talks

Monday 7 October room L4, basement, (new) Mathematical Institute
9.30 Emily Cliff: A factorization structure on the Hilbert scheme of points on a surface
11.0 Robert Laugwitz: Cherednik algebras and Drinfeld doubles
2.0 Oren Ben-Bassat: Analytic geometry as relative algebraic geometry I
3.30 Kobi Kremnizer: Analytic geometry as relative algebraic geometry II

Tuesday 8 October room L6, basement, (new) Mathematical Institute
9.30 Vittoria Bussi: A Darboux theorem for shifted symplectic derived schemes, and applications to motivic Milnor fibres
11.0 Dominic Joyce: D-critical loci; categorification of Donaldson-Thomas theory using perverse sheaves; future projects
2.0 Balazs Szendroi: Localization of critical cohomology
3.45  Yan Ting Lam: Calabi-Yau categories from graded quivers with superpotential

Wednesday 9 October room L4, basement, (new) Mathematical Institute
9.45 Dennis Borisov: Virtual cycles for Calabi-Yau 4-fold moduli spaces
11.15 Dario Beraldo: Loop group actions on categories and Langlands duality

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