Saturday, July 5, 2014

YRM 2015 is coming to Oxford!

Following an enormously successful YRM at the University of Warwick last week, we are pleased to announce that YRM 2015 will be held at the University of Oxford, in the new Andrew Wiles building.

Launched at the University of Cambridge in 2009, Young Researchers in Mathematics (YRM) is an annual conference for doctoral and post-doctoral students in the UK. There are streams of talks covering almost all areas of research mathematics, and, in this and previous years, the conference has attracted large numbers of students from all across the UK and several parts of Europe. It offers the opportunity for all participants to speak, as well as featuring plenary speakers and keynote talks from leading mathematicians in each of the main streams.

YRM 2015 will be held Monday-Thursday of the week beginning 17th August 2015. Please share this with research students at your university, in order that they may save the date!

Students enjoying lunch on the lawn at YRM 2014
The conference dinner (YRM 2014)
A PhD student giving a talk at YRM 2014

I am currently at an exciting conference organized by Ivan Fesenko together with Kobi Kremnizer and Boris Zilber. My hat goes of to Ivan Fesenko for bringing together such an esteemed group of his colleagues and other mathematicians for this amazing conference. See more about it on Ivan's homepage at I am also happy to see many familiar faces from Gaitsgory's epic conference in Jerusalem on the Geometric Langlands conjectures. Unfortunately, this past few months have been so busy that I have not been able to record my perceptions on that amazing conference in blog form. Here is a link to that: