Thursday, January 2, 2014

Its been a busy semester and between the semesters I will be doing some travelling. I just got back from a beautiful visit to Israel's newest university: Ariel University where I gave a talk in the math department. I am planning upcoming trips to UPenn to meet with Tony Pantev, Jonathan Block, Ron Donagi, Jim Stasheff and David Harbater. Then I will visit the IAS and meet Chris Brav and Vladimir Berkovich. I will then visit Oxford briefly to meet with Lino Amorim, Konstantin Ardakov, Kobi Kremnizer and Dominic Joyce. Finally, I will go to the University of Padova, (former employer of Galileo Galilei) to attend Higher structures in algebraic analysis and meet with Francesco Baldassarri and his student Federico Bambozzi. 

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